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Welcome to the Expert Security services website. We are aware of the fact you face incredible pressure in your role each day. It's vital to have a background check partner you can trust. We believe in doing things the right way. That means holding true to standards rooted in integrity and honesty. As your partner, we focus on the details, delivering accurate information that goes deeper. We also provide security services and advice on physical security. We focus on personal and corporate security, streamlining security procedures and processes, risk assessment and mitigation. We provide professional training courses. Our security experts and consultants have international experience backgrounds.



Personal and corporate background check

As your partner, we focus on details, providing comprehensive and accurate information to you  save time and help in making decisions when creating a business or investment strategy.

Expert security supervision

Security consultant

Preparing and ensuring the smooth running of corporate, social and cultural events requires considerable effort. We perceive and address the risks of these events.

Ad-hoc security and training courses

Close protection  and security training

We recognize that everyone is an expert in their field and we help others learn and master the standards of our field to ensure the personal safety and security of themselves and their relatives.

External Security Manager

Security management

Long-term security solutions and company protection are necessary standards today. That is why we participate in the management and responsibility for the security of Your company.

Physical security performance


We are your partner who can provide comprehensive services, including their implementation. Qualified, proven and trusted guards are our standard.


Consulting services

Physical security is a field that combines people and modern technology. The more sophisticated technology, the more emphasis is placed on the quality of security personnel. Finding the optimal solution leads to savings and increase the efficiency of your protection. 

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