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Služby: Services

                                            ... we are the solvers of your security needs...

We provide discreet, professional security services within the Czech Republic to meet your personal and corporate security needs. Don't hesitate to contact us with your requirements and questions.

  • Corporate background check / Personal background check
    - we comprehensively check and verify companies business relationships and backgrounds including the stakeholders relationships and business partners

  • we check all relevant and official sources and Czech national databases for you, including media and social networks

  • we are a partner for investors and we help you to protect your investments

  • our final report contains comprehensive and clearly processed information for further use

  • and much more…

  • external Security Manager service - we manage and share responsibility for the security of your company

  • we review and set up security procedures and processes and supervise their observance

  • we help with the solution of your technical needs to protect your asset and design effective solutions

  • we ensure effective communication with the Czech officials and state administration 

  • and much more...

  • we help with the organization, planning, preparation and events security supervision,

  • we review / design, recommend and set up security processes/procedures, and supervise their observance

  • we create crisis and security plans

  • we train staff and provide up-to-date situation reporting for the company's management

  • we secure necessary communication with the Czech national rescue and emergency entities/services

  • during your event, we oversee the security staff performance and compliance with the set rules and arrange for your management subsequent reporting

  • and much more ...

  • we advise on your technical security property issue

  • we ensure your physical security property with the help of qualified and proven staff

  • we design and implement standard security procedures and processes for service performance

  • we prepare or update the necessary safety and security documentation

  • and much more...

  • as your partner we listen and we are in unpleasant situations with you

  • we help you with Ad-hoc and other security needs:
    - professional personal protection
    - security supervision of private and corporate events, escort of persons
    - training and advice to ensure the protection of your employees in high-risk areas and "third" world countries
    - individual requirements…

  • we provide the protection of your clients, families and their transportation

  • we will advise and train you in the area of personal security and privacy protection

  • we provide professional Close Protection individuals and teams with international experience 

  • and much more ...

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