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Mission, vision and values

About Xsec Ltd.

Xsec Ltd. is a Czech private company offering top security services in the field of physical security not only in the Czech Republic.

From the beginnings of humanity to today's form of this complicated world, physical security is a vital aspect for all of us and therefore the cornerstone of our current and future success.


Successfully address the needs and requirements of our customers to their satisfaction by providing physical protection of persons and property based on proven practical experience and qualified staff.


In order to imagine the future, we must learn from the past to create new tomorrows. We strive to learn from best practices to ensure that our clients' people and assets are safe. To achieve this vision, we will strive to be the leading provider of physical security services in the Czech Republic, establishing itself as a trusted security partner of companies, private clients and providing trusted, fully verified security information on a global basis.


The Xsec Golden Crown embodies our values. It expresses the strength of our commitment and attitude towards our clients, the bravery and determination of our employees and colleagues. Moral integrity, mutual trust, respect and professionalism are values we believe in and always follow. We gain the respect of our clients through the quality of our services and the commitment of our team.

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